Know The Common Rice Varieties Before Investing In Paddy Parboiling Dryer

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One of the main reasons why the demand for paddy parboiling dryers has enhanced drastically in the last few years is because the right machine can enhance the nutritional properties of rice. Not everyone looking for a high-quality dryer is aware of the fact that there are almost 40,000 cultivated rice varieties, each having a unique set of characteristics. Whether the rice grain is growing in the paddy or field, you will find three edible parts. They are the endosperm, the bran and the gram. Choosing the best parboiling dryer will become easier when you are aware of the common rice varieties.

5 Common Rice Varieties You Were Not Aware Of

All-Purpose Long Grain:

The long grain rice is quite common and is treated as an all-purpose grain. They can be used for almost every style of cooking and are generally imported from Spain, Italy, Guyana and the USA. This rice grain is quite slim and almost 4 to 5 times longer than the other rice varieties. They are known by the term ‘paddy rice’ and undergo various milling techniques according to the type of rice you want.

Long-Grain White Rice:

The fuller favour of long grain white rice differentiates them from the other rice varieties. They are steamed under pressure in high-quality paddy parboiling plant before milling. This helps in hardening the grain and reduces the chance of over-cooking the rice. Retaining a majority of the minerals and natural vitamins also become easier. Though the milled rice might look a bit brownish, they turn white when cooked.


This is a common variety of rice and is distinguished by their aroma and long grain. They generally grow in the foothills of the Himalayas as is known as the ‘Prince of Rice’ because of their strong fragrant flavour. They are the most preferred choices when it comes to Indian dishes. They become a bit fluffy when cooked and so you can separate one rice grain from another easily. You can also cook them with some spices to enhance their aromatic properties even further.

Brown Rice:

The long grain brown rice or whole grain rice has a nutty flavour and undergoes minimal mining which renders them a brown colour. The husk is removed but the bran layer is retained. If you need a high-quality paddy parboiling dryer to steam the brown rice before milling, ensure that the paddy parboiling dryer manufacturer you are approaching ensure higher yields to the ultimate product. You can also customise a dryer according to your requirements.

Jasmine Rice:

Though not being quite common, the flavour of this aromatic rice is a bit less prominent than the basmati rice. They have a slender structure which assures that they will remain separate even after cooking. The slightly sticky and soft texture of the rice after being cooked separates them from the other long grain rice varieties.
Since you are now aware of the common rice varieties, it’s time you start looking for the best parboiling dryer according to your requirement.

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