What Are The Essential Health Benefits Of Parboiled Rice?

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As it comes to parboiled rice, many think that it is precooked though it is not. Rather, parboiled version of rice is a bit different from other rice varieties. The resulting grain from Parboiling Plant is cooked and served just like brown or white rice. However, owing to the special production process, the rice is better source of calcium, potassium, fiber, vitamin B6 and many more nutrients that you can find in a little quantity in over-the-counter typical white rice.

Parboiled Rice by Paddy Parboiling Plant

Once the rice is harvested, the inedible hull is eliminated for the production of brown rice. Now if the rice can be put through a second step for the removal of bran, white rice is produced. Unlike white and brown rice, the production process of parboiled rice starts even before the hull gets removed. The whole rice grain is soaked and then steamed and dried. Now the hull gets removed to produce parboiled rice. This steaming process helps the rice absorb essential nutrients while changing the starch so it can be cooked into a less sticky, firmer rice dish than that of regular white rice. The steam process, however, doesn’t pre-cook the rice. It takes around 20 minutes for the preparation of parboiled rice.

Here Are The Essential Health Benefits That You Can Reap By Consuming Parboiled Rice.

  • Vitamin B

Parboiled rice is a rich source of niacin. Paddy Parboiling dryer is used for drying the parboiled paddy. A cup of cooked parboiled rice gives almost 23% of recommended daily intake of vitamins while it also gives around 19% of daily recommended intake of vitamin B6. These values are almost double the amount that you would get from typical white rice. Body needs different variants of vitamin B for metabolism of food into energy. Besides, they play other roles too! Like, they help in production of neurotransmitters and hormones. Vitamin B6 eliminates homocysteine amino acid while maintaining your heart health. High level of homocysteine often causes cardiovascular symptoms.

Long grain parboiled rice

  • Carbohydrates

Just a cup of prepared parboiled rice gives 41 gms. of carbohydrates which is almost one-third of recommended daily intake of 130 gms. The same portion of rice supplies 1.4 gms of fibre that makes 4% of men’s and 6% of women’s daily recommended intake of fibre. In fact, parboiled rice gives almost double the fibre than cooked white rice. It has a low glycemic index of 38 as well, in comparison to white rice that has a high glycemic index of 89 ensuring that the carbohydrate content in parboiled rice causes no high surge in blood sugar.

  • Minerals

A cup of cooked parboiled rice produced in a reputed Paddy Parboiling Plant gives 2 to 3% of daily recommended intake of essential minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium. It also gets a good boost of zinc that plays extremely important role for the wellbeing of your body. It helps you form protein structure while regulating DNA. A person with low level of zinc in the body may suffer from impaired immune system. Also zinc is needed for making the cells ready for fighting against harmful bacteria.

These are just a few of many health benefits of consuming parboiled rice on a daily basis.

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